X is for X-Ray app for iPhone

“Clean, simple, practical, beautiful, educational, perfect to the last detail. A masterpiece!” - Apps4kids

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A remarkable perspective

Go underneath the skin of 26 objects for each letter of the alphabet. Spin it, zoom it, X-ray it!

Astonishing X-ray photography is accompanied with text written by award-winning children’s author Paul Rosenthal.

An X-ray insight

Each X-ray offers a unique view of how things work. Spin the engine and watch the pistons move.

Captivating descriptions

Written passages reveal fascinating insights; from the function of quills, to the mystery surrounding the invention of the lightbulb.

Explore inside everyday objects

Use your newfound x-ray vision to look inside everything; from motorbikes to toasters, robotic dogs to onions.

A vertical swipe of the finger gradually reveals the X-ray image. You'll be amazed by what you find inside.

This title will delight young children, giving them a unique insight into the inner secrets of familiar everyday objects. It will also appeal to anyone with curiosity about the world, how things work and the power of X-ray technology to reveal the nature of reality.

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