X is for X-ray app for iPad

“Clean, simple, practical, beautiful, educational, perfect to the last detail. A masterpiece!” - Apps4kids

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A remarkable perspective

Go underneath the skin of 26 objects for each letter of the alphabet. Spin it, zoom it, X-ray it!

Astonishing X-ray photography is accompanied by text written by award-winning children’s author Paul Rosenthal.

An X-ray insight

Each X-ray offers a unique view of how things work. Spin the engine and watch the pistons move.

Captivating descriptions

Written passages reveal fascinating insights; from the function of quills, to the mystery surrounding the invention of the lightbulb.

Rotatable 3D images

For many of the objects, swipe horizontally and they rotate at your fingertip. A double-tap offers an amazing stereoscopic 3D option

Other images can zoom in to reveal incredible detail. With all objects, swipe vertically to discover what's really inside!

This title will delight young children, giving them a unique insight into the inner secrets of familiar everyday objects. It will also appeal to anyone with curiosity about the world, how things work and the power of X-ray technology to reveal the nature of reality.

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