War Horse for iPad

The author
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‘The war seemed to move ever closer to us...’

At the start of WWI young Albert joins the British army to look for his horse, Joey, on the battlefields of France...

The ensuing story, which has won the hearts of millions, is now enriched by an audiobook, musical performance, expert interviews and an interactive timeline.

Novel and Audiobook

The story of friendship and struggle, seen through Joey’s eyes, is enhanced by pinch-zoomable watercolour illustrations. As Michael Morpurgo delivers his unabridged reading, the text highlights sentence by sentence.

Musical Performance

Watch a specially filmed stage performance based on the novel. Original songs are played by renowned British folk musicians John Tams and Barry Coope. Portrait orientation reveals a synchronized script.

Learn from the experts

Thirty-four interviews with historians, experts and the author shed light on the inspiration for the book and its historical setting. Opinions on horses in war, trench life and the Western Front today are demonstrated through a stunning array of media.

Follow the Timeline

From Participants to Theatres of War, curated themes present a balanced timeline of the war. Descriptions of key events are accompanied by narrated quotes and poems, to bring you as close as possible to the inner life of a WWI soldier.

Spin original objects

The timeline is enriched with 20 stunning 3D rotations of contemporary objects (from toys to military equipment), videos from the war, and 240 atmospheric images.

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