The Elements for iPad

A visual exploration of every known atom in the universe

The Elements: A Visual Exploration is a beautiful interactive iPad book – now available in more languages than ever before!

It preserves the lush look and beautifully composed pages of the best-selling hardcover edition, but adds an astonishing new dimension to the material.

A fascinating collection

Explore the engaging story of each element in the periodic table in any of the 18 language translations.

Live data from Wolfram|Alpha

Discover the current price of platinum, the decay chain of plutonium, or the electromagnetic properties of bismuth.

Beautiful rotatable objects

Examine over 500 3D objects from all sides by spinning the images, freely and intuitively, with a simple sideways swipe.

Wonderful real-life examples for every element known to science; from helium neon lasers to antique apothecary sulphur.

Detailed comparisons

Compare the properties of every element in beautiful graphic detail and reveal how much of each can be found in you.

Adapted for portrait reading

Each element and its accompanying text stylishly presented in a new portrait view for comfortable reading.

Here’s proof that a tablet can transform staid subject matter – in this case, the periodic table – into rich interactive experiences.

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