Solar System app for iPad

“There is so much to this application that I can only begin to scratch the surface on its offerings. As with The Elements the content and presentation truly make learning fun and inspiring.” — WIRED Magazine

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A beautifully illustrated story

Best-selling author Marcus Chown leads us on a grand tour through the incredible diversity of planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and spacecraft that surround the Sun in our cosmic backyard.

More than 150 beautifully presented story pages are lavishly illustrated with interactive scenes, 3D objects and videos – now Retina compatible and stunning on the iPad screen. Available in English, German, and Japanese.

New! Latest space missions

Explore images sent back from the Mars rover Curiosity, and find out about the fascinating discoveries made by modern space probes.

Understand the orbits

Set the heavens in motion with a fully interactive 3D orrery that lets you control the orbits of the planets and their moons.

Incredible high-resolution galleries

A stunning array of astronomical photography from the outer reaches of our solar system – now optimised for Retina and more beautiful than ever before.

Includes over 600 painstakingly selected images representing the very best returned by NASA, ESA and JAXA space missions. Detailed captions include the most fascinating technical data.

Live data from Wolfram|Alpha

Comprehensive astronomical information updated live from Wolfram|Alpha®.

Reveal the unseen

Eye-opening interactive simulations that put the Oort Cloud, tectonic plates and even the Sun’s magnetic field at the tips of your fingers.

The new Solar System for iPad app is an amazing and extraordinarily attractive resource for amateur astronomers… an out-of-this-world digital book that is as informative as it is beautiful. It's a stellar example for other reference app makers on how to best take advantage of the tablet medium.

USA Today, Marc Saltzman
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