Skulls by Simon Winchester for iPad

A unique investigation

Acclaimed author Simon Winchester vividly recounts the story behind a remarkable collection of skulls.

Discover the fascinating features of hundreds of human and animal skulls, and uncover this icon's place in art and popular culture.

Examine over 300 skulls

Beautiful 360 degree high-resolution rotations of over 300 skulls. A double tap reveals 3D stereoscopic presentation.

Live data from Wolfram|Alpha

How long do Alligators live? What’s the genetic sequence of a Grey Wolf? Find out with live data from Wolfram|Alpha®.

An optimised reading experience

Switch page orientation seamlessly by simply rotating your iPad.

Portrait provides a carefully optimised reading experience, whilst in landscape you can rotate and zoom the skulls in all their detail.

Skull comparison tool

Directly compare any four skulls from the entire collection; compare those of the big cats, or see for yourself how the human skull has evolved.

Species accounts

Learn about the living animals before they were skulls with detailed notes for every species and photographs of each animal.

The ever-debonair Winchester, best-selling author of The Professor and the Madman, not only wrote the text that accompanies the app’s 300 rotatable images of human and animal skulls — he also reads it. The result is informative and thoughtful as well as gorgeous and diverting. More, please.
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