March of the Dinosaurs app for iPad

March of the Dinosaurs is a terrific app and comes highly recommended for young and old alike.” - App Advice

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A beautiful storybook for the whole family

This dinosaur adventure vividly brings to life the trials of ‘Scar’, a young edmontosaurus, on his first migration to escape the arctic winter 70 million years ago.

Stunning imagery, interactive dinosaurs and the latest science are combined to illustrate one of the greatest natural history events of all time.

Animated map and contents

An animated map of the journey guides you through the story, and background information, on this new era of prehistory.

Optional story narration

Bring the story alive by having Dr Who actor, Kerry Shale, read it aloud. The text highlights sentence-by-sentence to help young readers.

Packed with dinosaur facts

Meet an all-new cast of dinosaurs based on recent fossil evidence blasted out of the ice around the North Pole; from the feathered tyrannosaurs to giant marine predators.

Detailed accounts have been specially written for each creature. You can learn how a gorgosaurus lived, what an edmontonia ate, and the life-cycle of an opossum.

Breathtaking animations

The story includes clips from the National Geographic film of the same name, and exclusive animations between chapters.

Live link to Wolfram|Alpha

Access a trove of information about each creature from the world-renowned computational knowledge engine.

You can enjoy this adventure on your own terms, and approach it from any angle you want; entertainment or enlightenment, the outcome is always the same, and you will always come away feeling both uplifted and educated every time you dip in.

Know Your Apps, Ryan Butt (Editor)
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