Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomy for iPad


The unpublished masterpiece

Lost to the world for over 400 years these ground-breaking drawings, which comprise a major 2012 exhibition at Buckingham Palace, are brought to the iPad screen.

Martin Clayton, Curator at Windsor Castle, tells the story behind Leonardo’s life-long ambition and reveals the mind of a scientist centuries ahead of his time.

An extraordinary collection

Explore the complete collection of 268 drawings at incredible resolution. Tap on the 3D human body to find drawings relating to that area.

The man behind the art

Touch Leonardo’s notes to translate them and use the mirror lens tool to decode his reverse handwriting.

Interactive drawings

Compare Leonardo’s theories against modern knowledge with fascinating animations and state-of-the-art 3D models of human anatomy.

Interactive demonstrations allow you to investigate the complexities of drawings such as Vitruvian Man and the Sectioned Skull. Pinch-zoom models to see their incredible detail and swipe to reveal the layers of the body.

Eye-opening video insights

Watch interviews in which leading experts discuss Leonardo’s ground-breaking anatomical discoveries.

Explore his work

Leonardo’s journey into anatomy is told over 11 chapters with interactive illustrations revealing how his discoveries changed his art.

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