Gems and Jewels app for iPad

“See hundreds of pricey, sparkly baubles in breathtaking detail with Gems and Jewels, the iPad App of the Week.”

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The finest collection of gems and minerals at your fingertips

Get closer than ever before to an exquisite collection of the most valuable and highly coveted gems, gemstones, and jewels in the natural world.

These stones have dazzled humans for millennia; Gems and Jewels will remind you why.

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Unearth the unique characteristics and fascinating histories of the world’s most treasured pieces.

Minerals and mysticism

Discover how minerals are formed, their diverse roles in human culture, and uncover their hidden mystics.

Over 300 rotatable and zoomable 3D objects

Explore extraordinary pieces of jewellery by rotating them, and pinch-zooming to see every detail.

Watch the faceted surface of a Brazilian amethyst sparkle; come face to face with 30‑million year old insects, trapped in time, inside a piece of Amber that fills the entire screen.

Compare the jewels at life size

A ‘life-size’ button lets you see how large (or not!) the minerals and gems really are.

Live data from Wolfram|Alpha

Dig deep with Wolfram|Alpha® to find the crystallographic properties of chrysoberyl, or the birefringence of topaz.

Stunning doesn’t adequately describe the high-resolution 360-degree images of the mineral specimens and jewels from the museum’s deep collection....A dazzling app for reference and leisure viewing., Paula Wiley
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