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“We re-thought from the ground up how the story of animation should be told, now that we can tell it with words, pictures, clips, sounds, and interactive workshops that let you apply what you’ve learned.”

— Theodore Gray, Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer

Discover how Disney animated films are brought to life

Explore pages packed with interactive images, animated clips with frame-by-frame control, Disney 3D characters to animate and a rich timeline of all 53 Walt Disney Animation Studios features.

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Animation comes alive on every page

Access an astonishing amount of material from all eras, beginning with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) continuing through an exclusive first look of concept art, animation tests and visual effects from the upcoming film Frozen (2013).

All your favourite Disney characters

Swipe through a complete timeline of every Walt Disney Animation Studios feature film, with animated clips from your favourite characters and recently uncovered original trailers.

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Frozen update

Go behind the scenes of Disney's 53rd animated feature, with an all-new chapter to the app exploring the studio’s latest film, Frozen. Discover the inspiration behind the magical Kingdom of Arendelle, with exclusive access to concept art, character sketches and test animation.

Elsa’s snow

Elsa’s snow animation workshop let’s you use Disney-inspired technology to create and share your own magical snow effects.

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Now it’s your turn

Animate Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph using a simple but powerful animation package adapted from real Disney modelling software. Share your animations with your friends.

How to animate Vanellope

How to animate Elsa’s Snow

Making faces with Maximus

Exploring the book

Experiment with squash and stretch

Don’t just take our word for it

“The whole experience is magical and truly amazing to play with. It’s something you’ll have a hard time putting down. Disney fans will likely return over and over and again.”

— Mashable

“It’s all pretty extensive and impressive – one of those examples of an app that will probably be as interesting to animation buffs as to parents looking for educational but still engaging apps for their kids, and another one of those information-laden apps that is bridging the divide between book, game and (yes) app.”

— TechCrunch

“A soup-to-nuts, interactive, fun-filled journey”

— GeekDad
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Disney Animated

Apple’s iPad App of the Year
Available on the App Store