Science is part of everything we do and is everywhere we go. With our science apps you have the power to explore space, mathematics, chemistry and much more, wherever you are.

Revolutionary technology

Molecules is the second app in a trilogy of The Elements, Molecules, and Reactions. It continues the tradition of combining beautiful photography with compelling stories, and adds state-of-the-art simulations to show the movement of real molecules. For the first time, anyone can experience what it is like to touch, stretch and twist molecules in ways that have only been available to scientists at advanced research institutions.

Just as The Elements helped show what the iPad could do, Molecules is set to shape the future of the next generation of apps.

Every known atom, in the palm of your hand

The Elements lets you experience the building blocks of our universe like never before. Swipe your way through these surprising stories and open your mind to the wonder of science.

Our groundbreaking use of rotational photography captured the world’s imagination. This is an app Steve Jobs used to show the true power of the iPad and to demonstrate why the new technology mattered.

The perfect formula

With Incredible Numbers by Professor Ian Stewart you can unlock the hidden beauty of numbers and see how their subtle patterns form the fabric of our codes, our music and our entire world.

We made an app about numbers that doesn’t rely on abstract algebra and complex equations. Working with Profile Books and Professor Ian Stewart we came up with new techniques and tools to help reveal some of the most intriguing mathematical mysteries.

“Explore math in a more beautiful way than we’ve ever seen it with Incredible Numbers.”

— Apple @AppStore

The art of science

There’s just so much information crammed into each of Leonardo da Vinci’s anatomical masterpieces that it’s hard to take it all in.

His anatomical drawings still help us understand the workings of the human body. With experts from the Royal Collection, we created Leonardo da Vinci’s Anatomy. Examine the finest details and compare his drawings with 3D anatomical models to reveal the astonishing accuracy and intricacy of his work, still used by surgeons today.

The heavens in motion

The skies have captivated mankind since the dawn of time. With our app Solar System you can experience the majesty of the galaxy, at a level of detail rarely imagined.

Inspired by the scientists who made space exploration possible, we made this app with Faber & Faber to push the boundaries of what could be done with the iPad.