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Incredible Numbers by Professor Ian Stewart

Unlock the hidden beauty of numbers and see how their subtle patterns form the fabric of our codes, our music and our entire world.

Touch Press appoints new CEO

Apple’s Best of 2013

Disney Animated for iPad

Watch the magic of your favourite Disney films come alive in your hands with this extraordinary new app, created in close partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney Interactive. Animation is a topic that lends itself especially well to interactive media, and Touch Press has given it the serious treatment it deserves, creating a work that will delight adults and children alike.

Journeys of Invention for iPad

Journeys of Invention is an iPad app from Touch Press and the Science Museum, featuring over 80 extraordinary objects from the Science Museum’s extensive collection. Available exclusively for iPad, the app takes you on 14 interactive journeys of scientific invention and discovery created by the Science Museum’s curators.

Barefoot Books World Atlasfor iPad

Fly across a magical hand-drawn 3D globe whilst listening to changes in musical style as you move from region to region. Narrated text by geographer Nick Crane compliments the journey, with fascinating nuggets of information. Live data completes an educational ecosystem that will leave even the most ardent explorer satisfied.

The Liszt Sonata for iPad

Liszt’s Piano Sonata in B Minor is the great masterpiece of 19th-century Romantic music. Stephen Hough is one of the 21st-century’s finest pianists. Hough’s virtuoso performance has been exquisitely captured on multiple cameras, allowing the music to be experienced from any perspective.

The Elements: A Visual Explorationfor iPad and iPhone

Plumb the depths of the iPad’s potential as you explore the primary constituents of matter. The iPhone version brings a new level of innovation to Theo Gray’s world-famous vision of the periodic table.

Best App of all Theodore Gray Wolfram Periodic table. Everything is animated and gorgeous. Alone worth iPad.


The iPad's splendor and power may be best shown by The Elements: A Visual Exploration. The $13.99 program is more electronic book than traditional app, but it's not like any e-book you've seen. The periodic table of elements comes to life when you touch your finger against any element. Handsome photographs of objects spin around so you can observe them from all vantage points.

USA Today , Edward Baig

Indeed, the elements in this periodic table seem very much alive. The obvious way to examine static objects — say, a lump of gold (number 79) or an ingot of cast antimony (number 51) — is to rotate them, to spin the specimen with your fingertips. And that's exactly what you do here."

Boing Boing, Xeni Jardin

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony for iPhone & iPad

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony presents this masterpiece as never before. Four legendary recordings from Deutsche Grammophon’s catalogue are presented side by side, including Karajan, Gardiner and Fricsay, and a filmed performance from Leonard Bernstein. Seamlessly switch between these recordings at any time in the piece, and follow the music along with the score, listening guide or the graphical BeatMap.

The iPad version also offers the 1825 manuscript synced to the music, over 90 minutes of exclusive video interviews with musicians and commentators, or read the specially written book and real time analysis by David Owen Norris.

The OrchestraReinvented for iPad

The Orchestra is an extraordinary new app from Touch Press that will delight anyone with even a passing interest in classical music. Esa-Pekka Salonen conducts the world-renowned Philharmonia performing extended extracts from eight works representing three centuries of symphonic music. The app allows real-time selection of multiple video and audio tracks, along with an automatically synchronised score and dynamic graphical note-by-note visualisation of each piece as it is played. The result is an immersive environment for exploring the music and all the instruments of the orchestra.

War Horsefor iPad

Follow Joey the horse on his journey from rural England to Northern France, into the destructive heart of the Great War. The characters he meets on the way vary greatly, but his loyalty and kindness never do. This classic tale is now enriched by an audiobook, musical performance, expert interviews and an interactive timeline.

Pyramids 3Dfor iPad

The greatest monuments of ancient Egypt are brought to life on the iPad screen in this immersive, navigable 3D world.

Uncover the fascinating story of history’s greatest treasures by exploring Egypt’s famous pyramids and tombs within an interactive view of the Giza plateau.

The Sonnets by William Shakespearefor iPad

An interactive edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets that allows you to enjoy, explore and understand these immortal works of literature as never before.

All 154 poems are performed to camera by an all-star cast including Sir Patrick Stewart, David Tennant, Kim Cattrall and Stephen Fry. The performances are synchronised to the text, which highlights line by line as it is read.

Leonardo da Vinci: Anatomyfor iPad

Explore a remarkable testament to a scientific and artistic genius in this beautiful interactive edition of Leonardo’s complete anatomical works. Lost to the world for over 400 years these ground-breaking drawings, which comprise a major 2012 exhibition at Buckingham Palace, are brought to the iPad screen.

Skulls by Simon Winchesterfor iPad

Simon Winchester’s witty and informative exploration of one man’s extraordinary skull collection. Enhanced with 300 stunning rotatable photographs, two reading modes and a powerful feature for comparing skulls.

The ever-debonair Winchester, best-selling author of The Professor and the Madman, not only wrote the text that accompanies the app’s 300 rotatable images of human and animal skulls — he also reads it. The result is informative and thoughtful as well as gorgeous and diverting. More, please.

This interactive app functions like a digital version of a highly produced coffee-table book, with bonus special effects such as the ability to view images in three dimensions with 3-D glasses.

Wall Street Journal

Winchester telling Dudley’s story of how he became fascinated with skulls and how his collection has developed, which has had some legal bumps along the way, makes it interesting for even non-phrenologists.

Publishing Perspectives, Erin L Cox

X is for X-Rayfor iPad and iPhone

X is for X-Ray offers a remarkable perspective on 26 everyday objects. Swipe horizontally and they rotate at your fingertip; swipe vertically and they miraculously transform into X-ray images.

It’s something that both I and my four-year-old have had loads of fun with. It’s brilliant

Apple Gazette, Robin Parrish

Touch Press has a reputation for innovative apps that take exploration to a whole new level. X is for X-Ray is no exception.

Digital Storytime, Carisa Kluver

This title will delight young children, giving them a unique insight into the inner secrets of familiar everyday objects. It will also appeal to anyone with curiosity about the world, how things work and the power of X-ray technology to reveal the nature of reality.


March of the Dinosaursfor iPad

March of the Dinosaurs recounts the adventures of a group of dinosaurs as they struggle to survive in the prehistoric Arctic. Carefully based on recent scientific discoveries the realistic 3D animations bring the dinosaurs to life in your hands, spinning 360 degrees at the swipe of your finger. This magical book will fire the imagination of any dinosaur fan.

You can enjoy this adventure on your own terms, and approach it from any angle you want; entertainment or enlightenment, the outcome is always the same, and you will always come away feeling both uplifted and educated every time you dip in.

Know Your Apps, Ryan Butt (Editor)

March of the Dinosaurs combines spectacular images and animation with a compelling story that incorporates recent scientific findings...For children interested in dinosaurs or classes studying these animals, March offers a thrilling story, pages of facts, and an engaging educational experience., Elisabeth LeBris

The Waste Landfor iPad

The Waste Land for iPad brings alive the most revolutionary poem of the last hundred years, illuminated by a wealth of interactive features. The title's groundbreaking design carefully respects the typography and integrity of the original poem, yet offers new ways to grapple with its lasting significance.

As someone coming from the wrong side of the two cultures, Eliot's poem had effectively been closed off to me for decades. Now it isn't, and that in itself would almost justify the price of the iPad that made it possible.

The Guardian, John Naughton

All in all, the technological features, and the ease with which they can be used or hidden, make for a deep and rewarding reading of "The Waste Land." It's a promising marriage of poetry and technology, and just one more reason to break down and buy an iPad.

Huffington Post, John Lundberg

TS Eliot's The Waste Land Replaces Angry Birds as Greatest Modernist App

Gizmodo, Sam Biddle

Hear about the cruelest month and everything else in T. S. Eliot’s groundbreaking poem, as read by Alec Guinness, Viggo Mortensen, or the poet himself. For a deeper critical inquiry, read the text in landscape mode alongside annotations and line-by-line links to video commentary by poets and critics.

WIRED App Guide

Gems and Jewels for iPad

Touch Press teamed up with the University of Chicago Press, and the famed Field Museum, to present this stunning adaptation from the printed book Gems and Gemstones: Timeless Natural Beauty of the Mineral World.

Stunning doesn’t adequately describe the high-resolution 360-degree images of the mineral specimens and jewels from the museum’s deep collection....A dazzling app for reference and leisure viewing., Paula Wiley

It is mesmerising and seductive: every time I think I’ll spend a couple of minutes with it, I find 20 have passed. Beautiful and informative, with so much to explore and manipulate. The images on the iPad screen are simply stunning.

Blake FriedmannCarole Blake

Oh my stars! I so want this, and I’m sure my friends will love it too. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this comes in at a close second!

Solar Systemfor iPad

Best-selling author Marcus Chown takes an exploratory leap into our astronomical neighbourhood. Spectacular imagery comes courtesy of the space exploration program.

The new Solar System for iPad app is an amazing and extraordinarily attractive resource for amateur astronomers… an out-of-this-world digital book that is as informative as it is beautiful. It's a stellar example for other reference app makers on how to best take advantage of the tablet medium

USA Today, Marc Saltzman

If you have even a passing interest in the objects that make up our solar system, our sun, the planets and their moons, asteroids, comets and objects beyond, you no doubt will highly enjoy this app.

WIRED Magazine, Chuck Lawton