Digital technologies have been able to breathe new life into the arts

1.5 million people have downloaded Touchpress’ Beethoven’s 9th Symphony app.

2,152,617 people stream Mozart on Spotify every month.

Estimated penetration of households with an Internet-connected TV. Apple TV currently has a 40.6% market share.

Who do we speak to? 

Affluent Achievers: 

Affluent Achievers are wealthy, middle-aged and live in semi-rural and suburban areas of the country. This rapidly-growing audience is increasingly looking for ways to enrich their spare time.

This group is likely to listen to Classic FM, to regularly attend classical music concerts and have started immersing themselves in technology – they are likely to invest in new devices such as Apple TV. 

Touchpress TV is the ideal type of sophisticated programming that will engage this user group by providing a more exciting and convenient platform to enjoy content they have long appreciated. 

Rising Prosperity

Rising Prosperity are generally younger, well-educated career makers living in our major towns and cities. 

This group is very tech-savvy and tend to be early adopters of gadgets and devices. They want to stay up-to-date with cultural events and make the most of the city they live in.  

Touchpress TV offers these users an exciting way to engage with iconic cultural content and engage with new, interactive technologies. 

Cultural Tastemakers

This niche, influential group is characterised by a large interest in the arts and premium content. These are the ‘Music Aficionados’, the users that represent 17% of all consumers of recorded music, but account for 61% of the total spend. 

These users regard themselves as creative people and like to curate their own cultural experiences. 

Touchpress TV adds the extra level of engagement and information for these users that they would struggle to find elsewhere.