About Touchpress

Touchpress has five years of experience developing award-winning apps, creating layered experiences for connoisseurs and novices, and reimagining performance using the power of new devices. We started building technology that could add depth to the reading experience and have moved onto enhancing music and performing arts, seeking not to replace live experiences but create a new medium for user-lead exploration with the content at the heart of the product. 

Touchpress has used technology to illuminate iconic content including Shakespeare’s Sonnets, Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, as well as contemporary artistic pioneers such as Steve Reich, Max Richter and Walt Disney Animation Studios. 
In the process, we’ve worked with The Juilliard School, Henle Verlag, Deutsche Grammophon, The British Museum, Faber & Faber to name but a few of our renowned partners. 

Thus far, our focus on the App Store has meant we’ve always been a global business with apps available in multiple languages and working with a range of partners across borders. Currently, our key territories are the US, China, the UK, Germany and Japan. 

We’ve invested our time entirely in innovation, crafting over 30 apps and bringing a technologically ambitious approach to each and every project. Now, we want to focus that approach on deploying innovative features on one core channel.