Partnership solutions

Global Patrons: 

Global Patrons will sponsor the full experience, and benefit from brand visibility across the channel, the highest levels of brand rotation and presence on all marketing platforms – including the Touchpress YouTube channel, email programs and social publishing. Global Patrons will also have category exclusivity and promotional license to use Touchpress insignia in participating brand marketing in addition to all the benefits in the Content Presenter package.

Content Presenters: 

Content Presenters will sponsor specific genres, composers or pieces on the Touchpress Channel, as well as the option to feature 15-second video slots between performances. New sponsorship opportunities will coincide with Touchpress’ monthly content updates to the app, leveraging both new and returning users.

Included in all partnerships: 

Production and design of promotional assets, full technical integration of the with updates of the app and analytics reports from Touchpress covering key metrics including territory, user flow and usage patterns. 

For further question about our partnership solutions please contact Oscar Swedrup